I’ve a passion for creating winning brands and businesses.

I do this by helping businesses become better communicators with employees and customers, more effective at creating extraordinary customer experiences and more adept at handling change. 

My first love is Strategy and answering the two toughest questions every organization must answer:

“Where are we going to play?”

“How are we going to win?”

That means, Creating a customer. Someone who is prepared to part with their attention, their time, their money to spend it with your product.

And if you do it well, your customer will spend disproportionately more attention, time, money on your product than your competition. Whether you build apps, run a bank, create experiences, or have an artisanal coffee store selling vegan cookies made from yak’s milk.

My abiding passion is the power of Culture to ensure the successful deployment of that winning Strategy.

Building the capacity of your people

Building the commitment of your people

That means, Building an engaged organization. Organizations that build the muscle memory to adapt not just transform. 

Organizations that consider multiple scenarios of the future – not just the one that the category competitors are doing – and have the acumen, the ambition and the ability to adapt as those scenarios come into sharper focus.

Hilton is one of the most intelligent strategists I’ve ever worked with. He has the ability to see a 360 view of a problem and methodically craft a solution down to the most extreme detail. He was always looking to the future and was able to articulate his vision both technically and in everyday terms depending on the audience.
— Carlisle Connally, Hilton Worldwide


  • US Medical start up: Defined the Brand Articulation (Purpose, Vision, Values) and marketing communication platform.

  • Canadian Telco: Lead an employee motivation and engagement project related to their current business strategy including Culture and Communication recommendations for the COO.

  • Canadian Telco: Determined the B2B customer experience journey and executed research culminating in an extensive set of recommendations for CMO.

  • North American Property Developer: Executed a Culture Audit sponsored by the COO leading to an internal communication and change management plan to refine and modify their Culture practices. 

  • Global Professional Services Firm: Developed and built B2B personas and unique value propositions to inform and drive content program.

  • Canadian Automotive Manufacturer: Mapped extensive automotive customer journey to determine content needs and channel selection for principal 1st time buyers and key influencer targets.

  • Canadian Technology Leader: Lead Global Leadership Team through a rigorous series of Culture workshops defining and codifying Values and Behaviours for implementation.

  • Property Development organization: Executed an extensive brand architecture review to refine and simplify their brand portfolio. 

Hilton is one of the most empathetic, tenacious marketing leaders on the plant. No one cares more, does more, impacts more than Hilton. I recommend him to any organization that has a fast clockspeed, and a need for passion.
— Mark Linder, Team Nokia WPP



You’d never undergo a significant IT investment without understanding the strengths and limitations of your current systems. Why would you consider investing in your Culture without doing the same due diligence?

There are several fantastic Culture tools in-market. Personally the depth, robustness and global validity of the Human Synergistics model is my preferred approach.

No Culture or Leadership refinement can truly begin without understanding where you and your organization are starting from. That’s the power of HSI.