A friend has once told me “never care more about a client’s business than they do. If they don’t care deeply about solving their challenges you’ll never succeed.”

He was right.

I have been fortunate to partner with many incredible people over the years. The successes we enjoyed - and the battle scars we’ve earned - come down to three factors.


My favourite clients are driven by a genuinely inquisitive nature and an insatiable desire to always be learning. Which is fantastic because my operating philosophy is “Question Everything”


My most-adored clients are “all in” and are true partners in every sense. They care deeply about their people, their partners and their organizations. Nothing beats, and can beat, a team that is fully committed.


My most-admired clients are those who take bold and courageous leaps to tackle the challenges they face. Their courage is contagious and I’ve seen it spread like wildfire.

Hilton is a strong, smart and kind partner. He is passionate about helping his clients improve their business and his contribution is always insightful and practical. He’s also fun to work with, no matter how intense or sometimes frustrating the assignment.
— Amanda Mitchell, Minto
Hilton was fantastic to work with, he manages to combine deep strategic idea generation and understanding of a particular business challenge, with a personable and action oriented approach. I would love to collaborate with him again.
— Lynne Clark-Drew, PwC Canada