How Messaging Can Help Align Customer Experience and Employee Experience

Tweet As the market for customers – and for talent – becomes more competitive it becomes critical that businesses continue to build a cogent and consistent perception of their brand in the market. There is no difference between a prospect and a prospective employee. Too often businesses make the mistake of separating the two audiences […]

Gold Medal Performance: Under Armour at the Sochi Olympics

Tweet Few things unite Canadians like a sale at Canadian Tire, an election for Toronto’s new mayor or the opportunity, sorry Northern Europe and US readers, to remind the world that we are the greatest hockey playing nation on the planet. And there is no bigger stage than the Winter Olympics to prove that. But […]

Lessons From The Best Challenger Brand Advertising Of All Time

Tweet I have a real emotional attachment to Challenger brands. The brands that look squarely in the eyes of the incumbents, the Goliaths of a category, and say “There is a better way and here it is”. I just love that focus, that chutzpah, that sense of purpose. While Challenger brands can manifest their purpose […]

Good Will Hunting and how to be a better Planner

Tweet I’ve always thought Will Hunting would make a brilliant creative planner. Forget the photographic memory and retention (who wouldn’t want that??). Or the deep ethnographic insight from living and working in some of Boston’s toughest areas. It isn’t even the off-the-charts IQ, which is always helpful. It’s his attitude to reading. In his first […]

WestJet, Under Armour and Creating Challenger Content: The studio m Interview

Tweet 33,940, 574 views on YouTube Put differently, that’s almost one view for every man, woman and child in Canada. Beyond the views and Facebook comments, one corporate executive has estimated this single execution has generated over $120 million dollars in free media for the company Those kinda numbers become legend. The type of numbers […]

Are we solving problems or merely filling advertising-sized holes?

Agencies need to move at the speed of culture if we’re to remain relevant. What should we be looking at

Warning: Are you playing into your Competitors Hand?

Tweet It is incredible what fresh perspective on your strategy can bring to a problem. Sitting in a Strategy discussion earlier today an English colleague – they’re always English aren’t they? – leaned forward and asked this rather pointed question; “What do you think our competition wished we’d do?” Cheeky bastard. As strategy folks we […]

Marketing lessons from Martin Luther King on the art of persuasion

Martin Luther King was a masterful persuader. There are numerous lessons an astute marketer can learn from him.

Four Marketing Lessons from the US 2012 Election

The longest, most expensive Presidential campaign in history has important lessons for marketers globally

10 Questions to ask Brand You

Any strong brand should hold up to some intense scrutiny. Can you say the same about your personal brand?