Culture & Digital Transformation: The Beauty Of Entrepreneurial Spirit At L’Oréal Canada

Tweet   The L’Oréal Group is a global beauty giant spanning many of the best known and most beloved beauty brands on the planet. A veritable “who’s who” known to consumers and professionals worldwide, the L’Oreal Group includes brands like L’Oréal Paris, Vichy Laboratories, Maybelline New York, Garnier, Lancôme and Yves SaintLaurent. Recognized for their […]

WestJet, Under Armour and Creating Challenger Content: The studio m Interview

Tweet 33,940, 574 views on YouTube Put differently, that’s almost one view for every man, woman and child in Canada. Beyond the views and Facebook comments, one corporate executive has estimated this single execution has generated over $120 million dollars in free media for the company Those kinda numbers become legend. The type of numbers […]

Your Digital Identity: Big Brother meets Big Data?

Tweet If you’ve worked in the technology field, chances are high you’re familiar with Amara’s Law. “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run” That “Law” seems purpose-written for the current debate on privacy and digital identity. Pundits and opinion run rampant […]

A CSR Dilemma: “Should I Stay or Should I go”

In the aftermath of the Bangladesh tragedy are companies better to leave…or stay?

The definitive A-Z of Challenger Brands

Challenger brands are the future of solid brands. Here’s the definitive A-Z reference for why.

The inescapable rise of Social Marketing

Social marketing will be an inescapable strategy as socially-connected consumers clamour for more transparency

Highlights from Google’s ThinkShopper Retail Summit

When Google collects the smartest minds in digital and Retail, the insights run deep.

Customer Dilemma : Give them what they want or what they need?

Customers have no problem telling us what they want. Should we always give it to them?

Lessons from the NBC, United and Progressive failures

Business may be tougher in today’s socially-connected world. Some fundamentals remain unchanged.

Search : Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Creating great content is half the battle in content marketing. Leveraging search effectively is when it can really pay off.