Brand Canada or Brand USA. Which marketing challenge would you take on?

Nation branding is crucial to remain globally competitive, attract FDI and immigrants. Here’s a look at two nation brands at a cross-road.

Four Points : Why Nation Branding is the Toughest Task of the Decade

Nation branding might just be the toughest brand management job out there. Here’s why…

Four Points : Will CSR become a marketing fad yet again?

BP’s issues appear to have caused a rise in CSR-themed initiatives from other companies. Are they real or just more “greenwashing”?

Four Points : Heck NO, we wont pitch

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Four Points : A new type of Marketing Blog – Coming Soon

Tweet Welcome to the inaugural post from FOUR POINTS, a different type of marketing blog. Actually this is merely a preview of forthcoming attractions… WHAT is FOUR POINTS? A monthly post from four marketing folks spread across the globe. You’ll get four opinions, sometimes shared but often not, on an interesting trend in the crazy […]