WestJet, Under Armour and Creating Challenger Content: The studio m Interview

Tweet 33,940, 574 views on YouTube Put differently, that’s almost one view for every man, woman and child in Canada. Beyond the views and Facebook comments, one corporate executive has estimated this single execution has generated over $120 million dollars in free media for the company Those kinda numbers become legend. The type of numbers […]

Amazon, Anchormen and Asymmetrical Marketing

Tweet Tip of the hat to Jeff Bezos. A new “behind the scenes” book coming out. Some pretty decent share price figures. And, arguably, the Retail sector PR coup of the year. Coverage on CBS networks “60 Minutes” last night unveiled “an exclusive that will blow you away”. Mini drones from Amazon capable of delivering […]

Be a Challenger Brand – or be Roadkill

Middle-of-the-road positioning can be fatal. Challenger brands win because they take a position.

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7 Reasons your content strategy is going to fail

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