Tackle Your Brand Vulnerability – or Be Prepared to Lose

Tweet When former US-President Bill Clinton proclaims that the three largest global soda manufacturers have declared their intent to reduce sugary calories by 1/5 within a decade, you can be assured of two things. One, it’s a pretty damn important message. Two, every media outlet imaginable is going to carry your message in their next news cycle. […]

Business Leaders, How Self-Aware Are You?

Tweet     In hindsight I should’ve anticipated there’d be a backlash. You can’t put “Provocateur” into your LinkedIn title without expecting some provocation to come back at ya. Some debate. Some discussion. Some disagreement. That’s just karma. Titling a recent post “Without Purpose Your Organization is Rudderless” wasn’t just an attempt to score highly […]

20 Signs That You Might Be A Redneck Marketer

Tweet Insomnia can be a real killer. Rather than tossing and turning in bed incurring the wrath of my wife, it means late nights watching infomercials and re-runs on the TV. Counter to popular belief, it seldom means inspiration and creative breakthroughs. But then there’s the rare occasion when planets align… 2am the other night […]

Are we solving problems or merely filling advertising-sized holes?

Agencies need to move at the speed of culture if we’re to remain relevant. What should we be looking at

Strategy Killers: Positive Thinking over Critical Thinking

Decent strategy requires tough critical thinking. Too often Strategy is ruined by blue-sky positive thinking.

Customer Dilemma : Give them what they want or what they need?

Customers have no problem telling us what they want. Should we always give it to them?

Lessons from the NBC, United and Progressive failures

Business may be tougher in today’s socially-connected world. Some fundamentals remain unchanged.

Strategy Killers : Playing it Safe

Strategies without an element of risk are poor strategies. Playing it safe may be the worst thing you can do.

The 5 most important lessons my clients have taught me

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt were from great clients. Here’s five of the most important.

Pitches : Agency growth strategy or Agent Orange?

New Business should be the life-blood of any agency. Increasingly it feels desperate and futile.