CULTURE & DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Creating the Modern Marketing Organization and Culture at Ogilvy

Tweet   As a proud Ogilvy alumni, it was a rare treat to interview the Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Brian Fetherstonhaugh for this series on Culture and Digital Transformation. As one of the most storied communication agency networks globally, Ogilvy is truly an iconic organization. Founder David Ogilvy’s poignant and timeless missives on organizational […]

Lessons From The Best Challenger Brand Advertising Of All Time

Tweet I have a real emotional attachment to Challenger brands. The brands that look squarely in the eyes of the incumbents, the Goliaths of a category, and say “There is a better way and here it is”. I just love that focus, that chutzpah, that sense of purpose. While Challenger brands can manifest their purpose […]

Challenger, Cult or Citizen? What type of brand are you building?

Tweet In the heady days of the dot-com boom I moved to New York to run the Enron business at Ogilvy. Yes, you can blame the entire global meltdown on me. As I struggled to make sense of this new type of business, I drew heavily on two books that now hold real sentimental value […]

WestJet, Under Armour and Creating Challenger Content: The studio m Interview

Tweet 33,940, 574 views on YouTube Put differently, that’s almost one view for every man, woman and child in Canada. Beyond the views and Facebook comments, one corporate executive has estimated this single execution has generated over $120 million dollars in free media for the company Those kinda numbers become legend. The type of numbers […]

Amazon, Anchormen and Asymmetrical Marketing

Tweet Tip of the hat to Jeff Bezos. A new “behind the scenes” book coming out. Some pretty decent share price figures. And, arguably, the Retail sector PR coup of the year. Coverage on CBS networks “60 Minutes” last night unveiled “an exclusive that will blow you away”. Mini drones from Amazon capable of delivering […]

Are we solving problems or merely filling advertising-sized holes?

Agencies need to move at the speed of culture if we’re to remain relevant. What should we be looking at

Warning: Are you playing into your Competitors Hand?

Tweet It is incredible what fresh perspective on your strategy can bring to a problem. Sitting in a Strategy discussion earlier today an English colleague – they’re always English aren’t they? – leaned forward and asked this rather pointed question; “What do you think our competition wished we’d do?” Cheeky bastard. As strategy folks we […]

Marketing lessons from Martin Luther King on the art of persuasion

Martin Luther King was a masterful persuader. There are numerous lessons an astute marketer can learn from him.

The missing ingredient in Tech Marketing: A human connection

Too often technology marketing lacks a human connection. That is a failure. You must connect emotionally to win.

Has marketing enhanced or tarnished the Olympic™ brand?

The Olympics is undeniably a true brand icon. Have we gone too far in how we market it?