Strategy: It’s about Choices AND Commitment

Tweet     You can’t deny the power of a meme. A photograph. A pithy quote. Ideally something so succinct it would take you days to get something of equal veracity. And it never hurts if everyone kinda knows the person you’re quoting. Drucker. Branson. Churchill. Gandhi. Mandela. Tom Peters. Michael Porter. Here’s a Hilton […]

Culture, Strategy & The Turmoil of M&A

Tweet   Another week. Another deluge of press releases announcing another mega-merger. This time between Heinz and Kraft. Inevitably the press releases read like a playbook of PR buzzword bingo. Synergies Complementary competencies Economies of scale And the phrase so beloved of Wall Street analysts….Efficiencies. Efficiencies. Such a benign word in print. Not so benign […]