Scale and Personalization. Two opposing forces in building brand purpose

Tweet One of my favourite business quotations has to be “With great power comes great responsibility” Okay okay I acknowledge that Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben isn’t Peter Drucker or Michael Porter but the core of that statement couldn’t be more true of today’s marketer. An old friend breaks it down like this. Marketers really have […]

Challenger, Cult or Citizen? What type of brand are you building?

Tweet In the heady days of the dot-com boom I moved to New York to run the Enron business at Ogilvy. Yes, you can blame the entire global meltdown on me. As I struggled to make sense of this new type of business, I drew heavily on two books that now hold real sentimental value […]

Good Will Hunting and how to be a better Planner

Tweet I’ve always thought Will Hunting would make a brilliant creative planner. Forget the photographic memory and retention (who wouldn’t want that??). Or the deep ethnographic insight from living and working in some of Boston’s toughest areas. It isn’t even the off-the-charts IQ, which is always helpful. It’s his attitude to reading. In his first […]

Brand Purpose, Simon Sinek and the state of Canadian brands

Tweet The business world is awash with debates and discussions about brand purpose. Who has it. Who appears to NOT have it. I don’t believe there is a more important discussion to be having as a marketer or brand leader. Like you, I spent much of the December holidays cramming in some reading (between trips […]