Four Points : A new type of Marketing Blog – Coming Soon

Tweet Welcome to the inaugural post from FOUR POINTS, a different type of marketing blog. Actually this is merely a preview of forthcoming attractions… WHAT is FOUR POINTS? A monthly post from four marketing folks spread across the globe. You’ll get four opinions, sometimes shared but often not, on an interesting trend in the crazy […]

The Chicken Dance and Social Media. More in common than you’d think

I’ve never met anyone who says they’re a fan of the Chicken Dance. I’ve also never met a client who says that don’t want a dialogue. Why don’t I believe either group?

I don’t have the Answer. But then, neither do you

I’m going to stop pretending to be an expert on social media and where its going. Are you?

What about some Consumer accountability for a change?

Business isn’t always to blame. Where is our accountability as consumers if we endorse their behaviour by buying their goods and services.

Marketing early stage companies

Some marketing pointers on early stage companies. 7 tips to consider.